Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am proud to say that the Pittsburgh Witches Ball has hit a milestone …
Seven years and growing pains aside, we got the iron out, and plan to take 2015 by storm…
1.) We have an awesome team that has grown in ranks …
2.) We have a date for the Witches Ball / November 7th, 2015
3.) We have a new prize mistress / prizes will handed out no latter 9:30 PM
4.) We have a new set time of the doors opening 6PM
5.) We have a pledge food will be served 6 PM & new kitchen staff formed...

6.) We have a new hall & it is in Lawrenceville ( Pittsburgh proper ), tons of parking, wheel chair accessible, coat check …

7.) No live animals will be permitted in the building unless a service animal
8.) We will have a gift pack that will be done correctly and given out at the door at time of entrance, this will be handle by the prize mistress & door person …

Now last but not least, the theme & name Pan  …

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Brightest of Blessing from all here at The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Save Paypal fees send money order to 822 Spring St, Pittsburgh PA 15104, $30.00 Adult Ticket, $8.00 Children Ticket ages 5-12 add a dollar for postage ...

Tickets will be out in the stores by June 2015, tickets online are on sale & through the mail, look for us at upcoming events in the Pittsburgh area they will be on sale there ...

Adult Ticket

Number of Tickets

Children Ticket ages 1 through 12

Number of Tickets

selling tickets for the Witches Ball 
KS Kennedy, Distinctive Floral, Gift & Gourmet
848 Western  Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233

selling tickets for the Witches Ball
4136 Library Rd.
Castle Shannon, Pa 15234

selling tickets for the Witches Ball 


Entertainment Lineup

Tuatha Dea 
Troubadours of Divine Bliss 

Brian Henke
more to come keep an eye for all the groovy details...

The first fifty guest through the door receives a gift bag, treasure that been selected by the Inner Circle of The Pittsburgh Black Hat Society ...